Massachusetts Says Hello to an Amazon Books Second Location Inc. is headed to Massachusetts for its second bookstore in the state and fifth store in the nation. Opening up at MarketStreet Lynnfield, the store launched on April 18th.

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Your Guide to: Boston’s Marathon Monday 2017


Monday April 17th, 2017 will mark the city’s 121st Marathon, and there is no doubt a lot of preparation goes into the event. Whether it is your first or 121st marathon that you have seen or participated in, there are many considerations to keep in mind for the day.

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Universities in Boston Address the Collegiate Development Frenzy

All across the country colleges have been prioritizing the physical development of their campus as a strong selling point for prospective students. Many universities allocate considerable amounts of money toward amenities in hopes of persuading more students that that school stands superior to others. While schools in Boston have taken to this trend, they have also rejected the luxury aspect and instead focus on the academic benefits.

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The Controversy Behind The Vegan Restaurant Soon to Hit Fenway: By Chloe

By Chloe, the trendy vegan restaurant started in New York has been in the midst of a food fight, for Chloe Coscarelli sued the corporate parent, ESquared Hospitality and chose to split from the company. Coscarelli filed to sue last year, arguing that ESquared was trying to edge her out of the business.

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How Solar Panels Can Save You Big Money


Solar panels emerged as this modern, green way of utilizing the sun’s energy as a replacement for traditional fossil fuel energy; however, instead of presenting itself as a rather polarizing decision, many homeowners turn to solar panels as a way to save money.

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Watch Out for Springtime: Boston’s Real Estate Market in the Coming Months


Even though the weather outside has been rather dreary and rainy, spring has officially sprung according to the calendar. This new season reigns in an important one for real estate and there are some developments to watch out for in the coming months. The Boston area neighborhoods will receive immense attention as progress starts to make way.

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Airbnb’s Impact on Boston’s Tourism and Real Estate Market

Airbnb, the popular online service that allows users to find and publicize housing for short-term renting, has made large claims in the real estate industry. With growing numbers every year of both hosts and guests, the San Francisco based company creates a large presence in major cities like Boston. Unfortunately, debate continues to circulate on the taxation of such a service as either personal, commercial, or business use.

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Fenway Park Neighborhood: More Than Soda and Sox Fans


While watching Red Sox games at Fenway Park is always a good way to bond with friends and family on a nice, sunny day, many are now turning to this neighborhood for more than baseball. With the construction of more and more buildings that represent a variety of genres, Fenway creeps out of the ballpark setting onto the stage of modern entertainment.

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New to Boston’s Faneuil Hall: Sephora

Boston’s Faneuil Hall Marketplace features a wide range of stores and restaurants for the locals and tourists to explore; however, they recently acquired Sephora to their family. Now Sephora occupies the glass structure — a 5,670 sq. ft. freestanding pavilion. This location used to house Faneuil Hall’s decades-old flower market before Sephora came.

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