The Controversy Behind The Vegan Restaurant Soon to Hit Fenway: By Chloe

By Chloe, the trendy vegan restaurant started in New York has been in the midst of a food fight, for Chloe Coscarelli sued the corporate parent, ESquared Hospitality and chose to split from the company. Coscarelli filed to sue last year, arguing that ESquared was trying to edge her out of the business.

Chloe Coscarelli had earned the title of first vegan champion in “Cupcake Wars” aired by Food Network, and she has written a plethora of books on vegan cooking. Her and Samantha Wasser co-founded By Chloe in 2015, opening the first location in New York. Since the launch of By Chloe greatly succeeded in this spot, outside investors began weighing in and helped expand the business; however, as success began kicking off, Coscarelli backed away.


Coscarelli felt ESquared was trying to use the brand to offer non-vegan food as well, but Wasser denies Coscarelli’s claim, arguing that the real reason had to deal with Coscarelli’s lack of interest and vision for the business anymore.

“She was trying to build her own career as Chef Chloe over what is good for the brand.”

– Samantha Wasser, co-founder of by Chloe.


A lot of disputes arose as By Chloe continued to try and expand into other major cities. Currently, there are five locations in New York, one in Boston, one in Los Angeles, and more locations to hit New York, Boston, and Providence soon. As developments continued to try and grow the business, Coscarelli actively sought failure for the company by sabotaging deals with partners and purposefully losing leases for new spaces. This behavior led to the arbitrator to deem Coscarelli as “grossly negligent.”


As the opening day for By Chloe in Boston’s Fenway location nears closer, Coscarelli continues to back away from association with the company. Representatives have states the Coscarelli is not available for interviews, for she is not constantly connected to the company and does not reflect an “appropriate representative of the brand.” Even with all the behind-the-scenes turmoil of the company, By Chloe will continue to open this second Boston location as well as the other anticipated location in Providence.


See what By Chloe is all about.



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