Sayonara, Starbucks! The Best Places to Get Coffee in Boston

Sure, Starbucks is great for the sake of convenience – but ever get a craving for something local to the Boston scene?  Leave it to Beantown to get those fresh coffee beans brewed into something absolutely delicious.  Here are some of Boston’s best coffee shops (and don’t worry – we won’t tell Dunkin you’ve been going somewhere else).


Barrington Coffee Roasting Company 

Barrington Roasting Company - The Best Places to Get Coffee in Boston

Barrington Coffee prides itself in being a sustainable, small-business company – their coffee comes from all over the world, and according to their site, receives at least 90 points or above when being reviewed by professional coffee quality analysts. Owners Gregg Charbonneau and Barth Anderson are often hands-on in the process of roasting the coffee, citing meticulous care as the reason both themselves and the farmers they source from always end up with a quality product.

Where: Barrington Coffee has two locations, one in Back Bay (303 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02115) and another in Fort Point (346 Congress Street, Fort Point, Boston, MA 02210).


Jaho Coffee & Tea

Jaho - The Best Places to Get Coffee in Boston.jpg

Jaho Coffee is all about evoking new experiences – not only is each coffee shop decorated specifically to create a cool, relaxing atmosphere, but the menu is full of all sorts of unique treats and drinks to try.  Grab a handcrafted coffee from their state of the art slow coffee bar and take a journey across the world with Jaho – seriously, they just opened up a shop in Tokyo!

Where: Jaho Coffee & Tea has three locations in MA: Downtown/Chinatown (665 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02111), Salem (197 Derby Street, Salem, MA 01970), and the South End (1651 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02118).


Boston Brewin Coffee Company

Boston Brewin Coffee - The Best Places to Get Coffee in Boston 

Want coffee that feels good AND does good?  Then Boston Brewin Coffee is the place to be – this eco-conscious coffee shop serves only fair-trade organic coffee, and they source all their products solely from the Boston community.  Their website refers to themselves as “the people’s coffee shop,” ensuring that all their employees make a livable wage while working there.  Will the coffee warm your heart?  Absolutely – but it’s the way Boston Brewin genuinely cares about their customers that’ll keep you coming back.

Where: Boston Brewin Coffee can be found downtown (45 Bromfield Street, Boston, MA 02108).


Wired Puppy    

Wired Puppy - The Best Places to Get Coffee in Boston

Comfy and cozy, Wired Puppy is a welcoming environment both for coffee newbies and connoisseurs alike.  Their interactive Single Cup Brew Bar gives you an array of options from all around the globe, including limited edition coffee that can be made specifically to your preferences.  Too fancy?  Grab an artisan espresso or a pressed tea beverage – they both come with latte art done personally by your barista.  Wired puppy also has free wifi, free computer use, and a great playlist running 24/7 – better grab a seat before they fill up!

Where:  Wired Puppy has two locations in MA: one in Back Bay (250 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02116) and another in Provincetown (379 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA 02657).


Gracenote Coffee Boston

Gracenote Coffee Boston - The Best Places to Get Coffee in Boston.jpg

This cute little espresso bar has everything you could possibly want: a perfect aesthetic for Instagram pictures, piping hot gourmet coffee, and a delicious rotating pastry menu.  Their shop contains state of the art coffee equipment, and makes two main espressos: Alpha, Gracenote’s custom version of a classic espresso drink, and a single origin that changes daily.  Curl up among their woodworking and pottery decor and enjoy their curated tea program or drip coffee – either way, you’ll leave feeling both relaxed and fabulous.

Where: Gracenote can be found in the Leather District (108 Lincoln St, Boston, MA 02111).


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