New to Boston’s Faneuil Hall: Sephora

Boston’s Faneuil Hall Marketplace features a wide range of stores and restaurants for the locals and tourists to explore; however, they recently acquired Sephora to their family. Now Sephora occupies the glass structure — a 5,670 sq. ft. freestanding pavilion. This location used to house Faneuil Hall’s decades-old flower market before Sephora came.

For those not familiar, Sephora is a beauty retailer chain that spans the United States with over 700 stores. Sephora’s addition to the Faneuil Hall Marketplace proves strategic in generating a certain consumer audience. Ashkenazy Acquisition Corp., — the real estate firm that acquired the ground — explained that Sephora’s launch was seen as “an integral part of the master plan.”

However, the construction and development of this store has not been taken with warm arms from everyone at the location. McCormick & Scmick’s, a steak and seafood restaurant, claimed that the construction hindered their sales. The business filed a lawsuit in September for the apparent loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales. They were not the only ones to complain about the drop in sales due to the construction, causing a backlash to the project.

The original vision for the installation of Sephora had to do with revamping the area. Joe O’Malley, Faneuil Hall Marketplace General Manager, told the Business Journal that “It’s a 40-year-old property and in some areas, we can tell.” Not only does the new store bring a visually different and more modern aesthetic, but Sephora also issues in a variety of customers that may not have been previously attracted. Sephora “brings a new type of consumer to the marketplace” O’Malley explains.
Sephora adds a new look and shine to the area as well as new customers. Their chic and sleek look in a central Boston location indicates a gradual shift toward a more modern feel. Elkus Mandredi Architects was the architect for the 5,670 sq. ft. pavilion and for Ashkenazy’s master vision for the location.



Photo by Mike Mozart under CC BY 2.0


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