Stop & Shop’s Allston Market: More than Just a Grocery Store


Stop & Shop, a New England-based grocery chain, has released plans to expand “Allston Yards” into more than just a supermarket.  Next to Boston Landing, Allston Yards would be off of the Allston/Brighton line and greatly visible from the Massachusetts Turnpike.

Looking to expand from the traditional supermarket, Stop & Shop plans to build residential housing that could bring 1,300+ housing units on the market. The current facility of Stop & Shop has been serving the community since 1998, and the production and distribution of grocery goods would not be affected during the construction for residential space above the store.

The company targets the community’s needs and feels that expanding their role through the Allston Yards project will help actualize this goal: “We believe that the Allston Yards project represents a terrific opportunity for us to better serve the neighborhood and the community,” said Mark McGowan, the president of Stop & Shop.

Not only will residential space reside above the supermarket, but plans to broaden office and retail space have also been put forth. The Allston and Brighton community anticipates a more easily-accessible center that provides a variety of options.

The first phase of Allston Yards includes 360 residential units, 5,000 square feet of retail space, parking, and tons of public open space. Eventually the following phases will add 650 residential units and even more office spaces.

Not only will the Allston Yards project create more housing and business opportunities, but the construction intends to also open up better transportation design. With more paths for different modes of transportation, the project will allow for traffic to flow at a manageable and desirable pace for cars, pedestrians, and cyclists.

The Allston Yards emphasizes the value of constructing on behalf of the community members, but these plans also run in sync to Mayor Martin J. Walsh’s goal to build 53,000 new housing units by 2030.


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