Amazon Hunts for a Space in Boston: Where Will it Be?

In the city of Boston, thousands of companies work diligently as they try to expand their business, and Inc. proves as one of these fighting forces. This e-commerce titan is on the hunt for a 217,000 square foot space, but they have not engaged in negotiations for specific buildings as of late.

While the fight for a place in the bustling city proves difficult, Boston offers a multitude of office space options for Amazon to stake its claim. A real estate source confesses that The Abbey Group’s Lafayette City Center poses as a contender. The center stands as a six story, 615,000 square-foot office in Downtown Crossing.

Center Plaza next to Government Center also presents itself as a possible home for Amazon, for it is a 720,000 square-foot office, ready to hand over a decent chunk of property space. Shorenstein Properties, owners of Center Plaza, revealed that Amazon officials have in fact toured this building as a possibility.

Another prospect is Synergy Investments’ 253 Summer St., nine-story building, which had been on the table as the HQ for other big name companies like Reebok International Ltd. and General Electric Co.

Amazon has emphasized the importance of timeliness when choosing their building, for a potential suitor in the Seaport District continues to undergo construction until 2018, a year too late for Amazon’s ideal situation.

“[Amazon is] looking for sooner than that,” says one source.

It is no surprise that Amazon wants to move in quicker than 2018. With 346 job listings posted in the Greater Boston area, it is clear that Amazon is trying to create a presence in this city. With an office size of 217,000 square feet, Amazon would definitely have the room to house several hundred of these employees.

In fact, Amazon recently announced plans to hire 100,000 full-time jobs in the coming years in the United States.

Even though Boston offers up various homes for Amazon’s new office space, sources say they continue to keep it open: “They’re considering a lot of different locations […] it has not come down to close negotiations.”

Amazon’s hunt for space in Boston was first reported by the Boston Globe and verified by the Business Journal; however, Amazon representatives have not released any further information on the project.


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