Eataly Boston Opens In Prudential Center

It’s an awesome week in Boston for lovers of Italian food. Eataly is open for business! Prepare to eat, drink and shop.

Eataly, the Italian marketplace, has opened the doors to its 45,000 square foot Prudential Center location. There are 30 of them around the world, but this one has a special Boston touch.

“What we’re learning as Italians coming here is how delicious the natural gastronomy is here, and how we can include that in our Italian way and making sure that it’s kind of Bostonian Italian in that same way,”said Chef Mario Batali, a partner at Eataly Boston.


The sights and smells of the place will knock you out. It’s an Italian market spread over three levels of the Prudential Center. Eataly has four restaurants, ten takeaway counters, five bars and a huge selection of groceries.

“You can buy fruits and meats and vegetables. You can buy pastas. You can take a cooking class. You can eat dinner. It’s a really incredible concept,” said Boston Mayor Marty Walsh in reference to the newly opened establishment


Be sure to stop by and enjoy a glass of wine, a cup of espresso, an exquisite dessert, or buy the ingredients to make dinner yourself!


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