Smartphone Apps That’ll Improve The Way You Live in Boston

The following is a list of free apps, available to Android and Iphone, which will make your life in Boston a little easier!


Food and drink

Who orders food by talking over the phone now anyways? It’s 2016.  Enter your address or the kind of food you want into the app and a detailed list pops up showing nearby restaurants that do both takeout and delivery. It also offers reward points in the form of FoodlerBucks, which you can use on your next order.

Out of toilet paper? Maybe your favorite restaurant doesn’t deliver? Your Favor Runner will pick up whatever your heart (or stomach) desires and deliver it right to your door. And best of all: you can track it on your phone via GPS.

Street Food Boston
Food trucks are an easy go-to for a quick fix. Find out where your favorite trucks will be roaming (or parked) throughout the day. The app has a map that pins the location of each truck, with the red ones indicating a truck is closed, and a green one meaning open. You can also use different filters to find the truck that is right for you!


Park Boston
Park Boston is an absolute essential app for living in Boston because it lets you pay the meter via a credit card and alerts you once you’re close to running out of time, prompting you to put more money in. Just make sure you see signs or stickers for the app near your spot and you’re all set.

If you rely on public transportation in Boston, you understand why you need an app to figure out exactly what is going on with your “T”. OpenMBTA gives you schedules and real-time information about the MBTA bus, subway train, commuter rail line, and ferry schedules. There’s also a color-coded guide showing you the schedules for your selected route.


There’s always something to do in Boston, and this app proves it. Whether it be something at the convention center or maybe even just in the basement of a pub, EventBrite lets you know what’s happening, lets you buy tickets and even lets you know which of your friends are going.

Personal convenience

NimNim is like Favor for laundry, dry cleaning, and shoe cleaning. You select the service and the pick-up time, and NimNim comes and completes the chore within 24 hours. And yes, just like the rest of these service apps, you can track the process in real time from your phone.

Venmo is a digital wallet that links money from your account, your bank, and/or your debit card, and lets you share payments on things like cab fares, meals, and birthday gifts with other people. Forget your card in another purse or jacket? Well, can’t use that excuse anymore.


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