4 Overlooked Spots To Visit in Boston

The fall season can get a little hectic in the city, with Boston being one of the top choices of visitors for their fill of history lessons, immersion into the American culture, the famous fall foliage and lots of fun! With that, it’s no surprise that out-of-towners frequent this beautiful city and its popular destination.

But when looking for something to do, Bostonians and their visiting friends might have a hard time finding activities that are not the usual touristy ones.

A duck tour or following the Freedom Trail are always safe options, but here is a list of four more unique options for when you are feeling adventurous. These activities will give any visitor (or local) a full Boston experience!

Skip Fenway, head to Bleacher Bar


Heading to the iconic Fenway stadium is a good way to feel the Boston pride, but the popular Bleacher Bar, tucked underneath the stadium, can give you an amazingly unique experience too. With the live view of the game as good as if you’re sitting in the batting cages, inexpensive drinks, quality food, as well as the chance to cheer alongside Red Sox fans, this is the next best thing to being up in the Fenway bleachers itself (even better when you are trying to escape the cold fall nights).

Explore beautiful gardens and parks around the city


Who would have thought that, in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city, among the tall buildings and structures of both old and new alike, that there would be hidden, lush gems around Boston? Rather than hanging out with the crowd at the Boston Commons and Public Garden, check out the Arnold Arboretum at Jamaica plain. Stroll though the park with a warm drink and marvel at how a place like that exists amidst the chaos.

See Indie films at Coolidge Corner Theater


This theater is definitely a go-to place. Coolidge Corner Theatre is Boston’s own non-profit, independent movie theater that’s located on the corner of Harvard Street in Brookline. The movies screened cater to almost all genres: from classic to foreign and even midnight cult films. You can go to a normal cinema any other time. With its unique structure, great location and awesome selection of films, Coolidge Corner Theater is a great way to spend your afternoon.

Free wine tasting at Central Bottle


Boston is the home of one of America’s favorite beers- Samuel Adams. Most visitors love to experience the brewery tours Sam Adams has to offer. But not everyone is a fan of beer, you or your friends may well be wine enthusiasts. In these instances, going to Central Bottle for their free wine tastings is a great option too! With their wide array of wine options, their knowledgeable staff and their free tastings from Wednesday through Saturday, it’s impossible not to enjoy yourselves in this wonderful local establishment.


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