Fall in Boston

Boston is probably at its most enchanting in the fall. New England foliage puts on a spectacular show throughout the city, complementing the architectural gems of Boston.

It’s a great time to explore Faneuil Hall Market place, The North End, the Back Bay shopping and other usually busy places, as the crowds are thinning out and the weather is still enjoyable. On a cooler day, stroll though the beautiful indoor courtyard of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, or take shelter from the cold weather while you admire precious art at the Museum of Fine Arts.
For sports fans, the New England Patriots kick off the football season at Gillette Stadium.

No other region of the country displays fall’s colors like New England. A walk along the city’s Freedom Trail now doubles as a foliage tour. A trip north of Boston to Kittery, Maine, will make for a dazzling show-and provide plenty of great shopping opportunities. The Cape in the fall is made for romantics.

That’s fall in Boston.

Before you run out the door in excitement, prepare with some seasonal information/advice below.

Fall Weather: Temperatures are Fahrenheit

 Monthly Avg  High Avg Low Avg   Precipitation
 September  73°  57°  3.5″
 October  62°  46°  3.8″
 November  58°  38°  4″

What to Wear:
Dress smart and be prepared for anything. Think Layers. It can be unexpectedly hot in early fall and quite cold late in the season.

Day: If you’re walking a lot, wear comfortable sandals or sneakers. A light to heavy jacket is a good idea later in the season.

Evening: Consider your agenda; some upscale restaurants require dressier attire. But keep in mind that nights are generally cold!


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