The Rise of Boston’s Seaport District

If you haven’t already, you might want to go checkout Boston’s Seaport District. An entire urban neighborhood, gleaming and new, popped up seemingly overnight. The transformation of the waterfront — south of Fort Point Channel to Southie —  a decade in progress, is now turbo charged.

The Seaport is a very different from the wasteland of parking lots that once defined it. Heavyweights like Vertex and G.E. now call the Seaport home, and hotels and restaurants keep multiplying. The enormous One Seaport Square development will add even further to the lively retail/residential mix.




The seaport is a strong symbol of Boston’s vibrancy and rapidly becoming part of Bostonian’s daily lives. However, to fully realize the dream of a vital 24/7 neighborhood, more residential building is needed.

While two-thirds of housing built in the first few years of the construction boom was in the core of the city, the opposite has been true in 2016 — 69 percent of the new housing that’s being permitted is in (what used to be) outlying neighborhoods.

As more units — apartments or condos — start to come on line, housing prices should level off there, too.

All in all, the Seaport represents the biggest and most exciting development in Boston since the Back Bay was created in the 19th century!




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