Boston Is Considering Putting a Public Plaza at Downtown Crossing

With Millennium Tower nearing the end of its construction, the city is considering implementing a public plaza a block down from the new condos. The Boston Transportation Departments will temporarily widen sidewalks at Franklin and Arch streets on Tuesday morning.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 10.20.04 AM.png

Their goal with this program is to gage public reception to the new space.  The plaza will be set off by planters and fencing from 8-11 am. You can enjoy a coffee at the plaza while engineers monitor the impact of the temporary plaza on traffic.

“With the T station at Franklin and Washington reopening soon, we know foot traffic will pick up on this street. We’re taking a tactical approach to improving this area for pedestrians. In the future we can imagine a whole network of parks and plazas from Shopper’s Plaza to Post Office Square and on to the Greenway.”

– Chris Osgood, the city’s Chief of Streets


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