This Map Shows Rental Prices For Each MBTA Stop

One of the main sacrifices city livers make is choosing convenience over space. You’re going to get less square footage in the city than you would in the suburbs, for the same price. Living in the city with a car is no easy feat – parking is insane, confusing and expensive. Your best bet is to ditch the car.

weSo how much does that cost? Well, this map from website Estately reports just how much it costs to live near each MBTA stop.

Analyzing six months worth of home, condo, and townhouse sales within a half-mile radius of each transit stop on the MBTA Green, Blue, Red, Silver, and Orange lines, Estately found the average price per square foot paid in each area.

Each stop is not created equal. So here is a map for your reference when choosing what neighborhood to live in.



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