How To Decorate A Temporary Space

It can be hard to make a temporary space feel homey – especially when you know you’ll be leaving after 12 months. But making yourself feel at home in your space is so important. It’s where you come to charge and refocus and you want it to reflect that. Here are some tips on making your space your home – even when it’s just temporary.

Assess the space

In a lot of rentals or dorms furniture is included. Don’t make the mistake of leaving the set up the way you found it. Look at the space, decide what the most efficient layout is and get rearranging! If you feel like you can’t get it quite right take a breather.  Try walking away and coming back a week or so later to tweak it -it might take a few tries but if you keep trying you’ll get it. And the difference it will make will be worth it!

Don’t over decorate

You want to personalize your space but you don’t want to feel weighed down. Try decorating with items that have some kind of significance – whether it’s photos of family and friends, posters you like, candles that bring you back or anything else that makes you feel at ease. Avoid binge-buying a bunch of trendy decor from Ikea or Target that you’ll never take a second look at. Your space should reflect your personality.

Prioritize comfort

Pick the things you use most and make sure they’re up to snuff. Ditch the rigid old mattress and grab a new memory foam one – you can set up a payment plan with most places so you only pay a small part each month. If you love tea, pick up a special mug for yourself. The little things go a long way.

Avoid clutter

The best way to do this is just to be mindful of what you can actually fit in your current space. You might like a piece on the shelf but when you bring it home you realize it has no place there. Decorate what you have, not what you’re dreaming of.

A new home – even if its temporary – can be broken in, through time, patience and a bit of imagination.

Are you ready to find your new space? Reach out today.


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