This Is What The Direction Your Apartment Faces Means

Whether you love natural light or prefer a darker abode, this quick guide will help you decide what direction is right for you:


Considered the most desirable because of they get natural light throughout the day, north or north-east facing properties are great if you live in an urban area. It can make a huge difference to come home to a sunny home in winter when the sun is at its lowest.

East facing

If you’re an early bird an east-facing home is for you. You’ll get to enjoy sunrises from your window and wake up to full morning sun. However, it will be gone by noon.


If you’re not into natural light, go for a south facing place. You won’t get very much sun so you have to make sure you manage your house so that condensation doesn’t become an issue.


A personal favorite, west-facing properties are great to come home to. The afternoon sun streams in and you can watch the sunset right from your window.

If light is an important thing to you, try to see a property at different times of the day before you commit. Renting an apartment? Here’s what you’ll need.


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