What’s In Store For South Station’s Tower Complex

Developers behind the new complex planned for South Station have announced that the tallest part of the complex, a 43-story addition to South Station will feature 175 luxury condominiums on the upper floors.

The tower will hit 677 feet in total – 640 feet at the highest livable floor. The spire will become one of Boston’s top 10 tallest buildings by 2020. The tower will be 51 stories altogether with the addition starting at the ninth floor.

Another part of the development will be a 17-story 438,000 square foot building used for either a hotel; a residential building (condos or apartments); or a mix of both which would include retail spaces. It depends on what the market looks like as the project draws to a close.

Another nine-story part of the complex will include office and retail only.

If you really want to brush up on the South Station tower project here’s a link to the developer’s filling with the Boston Redevelopment Authority (PDF).

Construction is slated to begin in 2017, pending the necessary approval.

Original article via Curbed Boston.



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