Meditteranean Restaurant Porto Opens in Back Bay

Boston’s Back Bay welcomed Mediterranean restaurant, Porto on Monday, July 11th. Chef Jody Adams, Eric Papachristos and Sean Griffing have unveiled their newest restaurant collaboration with the tagline “Established in Massachusetts. Inspired by the Mediterranean.” The name “Porto” comes from the Italian and Portuguese word for “port” and the menu showcases seafood dishes with a focus on locally sourced fare. Adams and chef de cuisine Jon Sanchez offer plates like East and West Coast oysters, whole-roasted fish, steamed mussels and a Mediterranean-esque take on a classic lobster roll, in addition to land-based options like Cornish game hen and grilled steak. The restaurant space on Ring Road (next to Saks Fifth Avenue) features an open kitchen, raw bar and seasonal outdoor patio for café casual to fine dining eats.


Raw Scallop, chamomile, niçoise olive, lemon balm
Raw Fluke, cucumber, sumac, basil
Raw Striped Bass, olive oil, lemon, grains of paradise
Raw Scup, charred leek, piri piri
Raw Mackerel, saba, husk cherry, sea bean

Mussel Soup, saffron-semolina bread, tomato jam
Clams, guanciale, fennel, white wine
Squid Ink Bucatini, crispy squid, pickled peppers
Lobster Raviolo, urchin, curry leaf, english peas
Tagliatelle, feta, soft herbs, pine nut, tomato
Grilled Oysters, goat sausage, green garlic

Our Bread, olive oil, sea salt
Brandade, jerusalem artichokes, parsley
Melon Salad, pecorino, nasturtium, black walnut
Snap Peas, country ham, mustard, cherry
Tomato Salad, peach, arugula, rosemary, yogurt
Trout, red butter lettuce, grapes, fenugreek cracker

Whole Fried Scup, turnip, okra, aleppo aioli
Seafood Stew, squid, mussels, scallop, yellow eyed beans, pickled lemon
Boston Mackerel, green tomato agrodolce, onions, dill
Citrus Poached Striped Bass, summer squash
Smoked Game Hen, einkorn, figs, thyme
Flat Iron Steak, salt water poached potatoes, red wine

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