Everything You Need To Apply for An Apartment

So you’re applying for an apartment! Now you need to get your documents together. Here’s everything you need to apply:

Proof of Income

Aka pay stubs. The landlord wants to make sure you’ll pay your rent. They’ll typically only accept tenants for whom the rental price is 30% or less of their income. You can prove your employment using two recent paystubs, your W-2 or an offer letter for the job. If you get direct deposit and don’t have a hard copy of your paystub, ask your boss or a copy.


Bring your driver’s license or passport when you tour apartments or when you fill out an application.

Landlord Information

Most landlords will just accept basic info about your last apartments, such as the property manger’s contact information. Just make sure you have their address and phone number on hand to jot down on the application. Some landlords will also require a letter of recommendation from your previous landlords. Make sure to ask your realtor what the specifics of your rental are.

Vehicle Registration and Proof of Insurance

For apartments with parking spaces, the registration and insurance show the landlord which car will be in the spot or use the parking sticker. Some building only have a limited amount of spots so the landlords want to make sure the approved vehicles are in the lot.

Social Security Number

You’ll have to fill it out on your application. You don’t need the actual card, just the number. If you haven’t already, it’s a good idea to memorize it.

Job History

Most places will just require your past two jobs written straight on the application Some will ask for your full resume so they can see if you can hold a job. Make sure you have the information on hand for when you apply.


You’ll have to pay an application fee and a deposit to hold the apartment while you’re waiting for the OK.

Are you renting in Boston? There’s something you should know.