Citgo Sign Approaching Landmark Status

Boston’s infamous Citgo sign is approaching landmark status – something that would preserve it for future generations no matter what happens to the building that it sits on top of.

Boston University recently decided to sell a collection of its buildings in the area, including 660 Beacon Street which holds up the sign. This raised concerns over what would happen to the icon if the building is sold.

The sign and building are currently not landmarked which means there’s nothing to stop the new owner from removing the sign. In response, The Boston Preservation Alliance took action by launching a petition last month to have the clarion landmarked.

It appears to be working. According to the Boston Globe:

A city board voted to launch the process of making the iconic electric sign an official city landmark. That means that any building plans that might affect the sign would be subject to voluntary design review with the Boston landmarks Commission. And more stringent protections could come in a few months.

Ultimately, the fate of the sign is in the hands of the mayor and the City Council.


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